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ng6 Why You Should Use ES6 with Angular Today by Scott Moss

Monday 1:30 PM to 1:55 PM   Download Materials

Walkthrough of all the build tools, workflows, plugins, and modules for building a proper es6 angular 1.3x app today. Talk about pros and cons about different techniques and best practices.

Scott Moss

Scott is an instructor and engineer with a passion for UI. He currently works at Udacity in SF.

Scott is an a Sr. Frontend engineer at Udacity where he uses angular everyday. Before Udacity, Scott built and taught curriculum surrounding topics like angular, node, and mobile, to hundreds of engineers at Hack Reactor. He has years of building smooth and beautiful UI's both on web and mobile. Most of his time is spent iterating on better and more effective ways to educate engineers on new and modern tech. He's also a father and a gym bum.