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The M.E.A.N stack and the rise of the machines by Travis Tidwell

Tuesday 3:30 PM to 4:25 PM   Download Materials

The web is dramatically evolving. With the latest trend of the Internet of Things, there is a radical paradigm shift occurring in the web development community. Web applications are no longer being built to cater to human interaction, but now must adapt to be able to handle machine-to-machine communications. This new requirement has placed a dramatic emphasis on API interfaces and has even ushered in a new development methodology called API first development. As a result, JavaScript has risen to the forefront as the ideal language due to its ability to perform under the high concurrency and event-driven I/O required by the multitude of devices being integrated onto the web. This rise in relevancy for JavaScript has, in turn, created a number of technologies that span the entire web application stack to provide the ideal platform to build the next generation of Web 3.0 applications. This web application stack is commonly referred to as the M.E.A.N stack and is more than just another web application framework. It is an answer to the glaring problem of web applications needing to support high concurrency requests from a multitude of devices, and serves as the ideal platform for what is being called Web 3.0. This presentation will walk you through all the latest trends within Web Development and provide an in-depth introduction to the M.E.A.N architecture. In addition, we will walk through how to build a next generation, API-first, web application that is built for the future.

Travis Tidwell

An Open Source enthusiast, a M.E.A.N developer, and hacker of all things.

Travis Tidwell has been developing advanced enterprise software solutions for over 15 years ranging from Embedded GPS navigation products to Open Source web solutions. In 2008, he co-founded a Software development shop called Alethia where he developed and founded the popular Open Source multimedia solution called MediaFront ( The exposure from this project landed him the role of VP of Technology for, where he leads teams of developers in addition to being a key development contributor to the PaaS solution which serves as an online registration platform. Travis's Open Source contributions have provided him significant notoriety where he has accrued an impressive following within GitHub, YouTube, and Drupal communities. He is typically found giving presentations on Open Source technologies at camps and conferences across the nation.