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Peter Bacon Darwin

Peter Bacon Darwin

AngularJS 1.x Development Lead and Dad

Pete is now the development lead on the 1.x branch of AngularJS, having spent the last few years working on the AngularJS team. He works remotely, living in London and spends a large proportion of his time looking after his kids, when he is not on a hangout to Mountain View.


  • Nifty SHAs of Code (or how get your stuff into Angular)

    Tuesday 1:30 PM to 2:25 PM _Ballroom ABC

    There are almost 400 developers who have contributed significant code to the Angular 1 codebase. You could be one too! In this talk Pete takes you step by step through how to create actionable issue reports, and how you (yes you!) can submit PRs with commits, docs and tests that are likely to be merged sooner.

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