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Justin Schwartzenberger

Justin Schwartzenberger

Justin is a Lead Engineer at SoCreate building screenwriting software and a Pluralsight author.

Justin Schwartzenberger is a Lead Engineer at SoCreate, currently working on the future of screenplay writing software. Justin cut his teeth on C and C++ before getting into the web development game, jumping on the LAMP stack to create numerous web projects with PHP/MySQL. As C# came to life he moved his attention to ASP.NET and MS SQL. Once ASP.NET MVC surfaced it was "game on" and Justin's complete devotion to web development was sealed. With the current wave of new technologies and frameworks for both the front and back end of the web stack, Justin is excited to help champion the future of the web. For all of his passion towards development, Justin's biggest professional joy comes from empowering and educating others. He is a Pluralsight author and his course Using TypeScript for Large AngularJS Applications has helped many front end web developers get started with this highly popular combination.


  • AngularJS Application Instances on Demand

    Tuesday 10:30 AM to 10:55 AM _Harbor AB

    Single page apps and frameworks like AngularJS get us thinking about web application UX in more of a desktop app like approach. Concepts like multiple apps and tools on a single page can be imagined and architected without the use of iframes or plugins.

    The session will begin by taking a look at a case study in which a new UX concept design led to the need to create one AngularJS app code base and the ability to spawn multiple instances of it on a single page.

    To learn how to pull that off, we will walk through how to add and remove instances of AngularJS applications in the DOM on demand using the bootstrap method and discuss strategies around application cleanup during tear down. Then we will cover performance considerations and explore the concept of tombstoning an app as well as dive into ways to persist and restore application state as we spin up and wind down app instances.

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