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Justin Couto

Justin Couto

Justin Couto is the founder and CEO of SoCreate.

Justin Couto is the founder and CEO of SoCreate, a new startup that is working on bringing screenwriting to everyone. SoCreate is Justin’s third software company which is being funded off the success of his prior two companies. In the early days, Justin cut his teeth pioneering an e-commerce and content management suite which he and his partners later sold. After that Justin moved into Social Software development where he built apps that were used by organizations like Microsoft, Lexmark, and the March of Dimes. Justin is also an avid volunteer and spends his time as the President of the Central Coast Code Camp, as the Group Leader of the Central Coast Code Group, and as a member of the Founder Circle of the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Justin takes most pride in being a husband and new father to his baby girl.


  • AngularJS Application Instances on Demand

    Tuesday 10:30 AM to 10:55 AM _Harbor AB

    Single page apps and frameworks like AngularJS get us thinking about web application UX in more of a desktop app like approach. Concepts like multiple apps and tools on a single page can be imagined and architected without the use of iframes or plugins.

    The session will begin by taking a look at a case study in which a new UX concept design led to the need to create one AngularJS app code base and the ability to spawn multiple instances of it on a single page.

    To learn how to pull that off, we will walk through how to add and remove instances of AngularJS applications in the DOM on demand using the bootstrap method and discuss strategies around application cleanup during tear down. Then we will cover performance considerations and explore the concept of tombstoning an app as well as dive into ways to persist and restore application state as we spin up and wind down app instances.

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