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Dan Wahlin

Dan Wahlin

Google Developer Expert, MS Regional Director and MVP, Founder of Wahlin Consulting, Udemy and Pluralsight author.

Dan Wahlin founded The Wahlin Group ( which provides consulting and training services on Web technologies such as JavaScript, AngularJS and other SPA frameworks, jQuery, HTML5, Node.js, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, and SharePoint. He’s also one of the top video course authors at and has published several courses covering a range of technologies. Dan speaks at conferences and user groups around the world and has written several books on Web technologies. Dan blogs at, runs the Web Weekly newsletter, and writes columns for various technical magazines. Follow Dan on Twitter @DanWahlin.


  • Dan and John Bringing Their View On The Latest In Angular

    Monday 11:00 AM to Noon Ballroom EFG_

    Both Dan Wahlin and John Papa are probably the most respected communities authorities an Angular. Both are accomplished speakers and writers and will be sharing with us their perspectives on Angular current and Angular future. Expect to get some great insight from these two awesome leaders.

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  • Angular Apps in 0 to 60

    Thursday 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM Ballroom A

    Special Notice: This workshop is 8AM to 3PM

    Single Page Apps (SPAs) focus on delivering enhanced user experiences with significant client-side interactions using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. Angular does all of the heavy lifting for you to pave the road towards building a SPA. This workshop explores the core pieces that help you build end-to-end SPA solutions using Angular including code structure and modularity, using data binding and MV*, abstracted remote data calls, page navigation and routing, rich data features, and responsive design. Throughout the workshop, you’ll learn how to build robust SPA applications with Angular. You’ll see several focused demos and full-featured apps that will help you learn and understand the role of key Angular components such as modules, controllers, factories, directives, and more.

    The workshop will also discuss new features coming in Angular 2.0 and the role that TypeScript will play.

    This workshop covers:

    • SPA fundamentals
    • Importance of Separation of Concerns (SoC)
    • JavaScript patterns for creating organized code
    • Key components of AngularJS
    • How directives can be used
    • The role of views, controllers, and $scope
    • Managing remote data calls using services
    • The role of modules and how they can be used
    • Routing and page navigation
    • Data binding
    • Navigating and app lifecycle
    • Debugging tips
    • Preparing for Angular 2.0
    • TypeScript fundamentals

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