Angular U

Making money with Phonegap and Angular apps by Demian Borba

Tuesday 3:30 PM to 4:25 PM   Download Materials

It is great to see so many web frameworks and libs arriving everyday, but it’s important to remember that money is the fuel for every company. How about creating iOS and Android apps using HTML, JS and CSS? How about using Angular and Angular-Material to create amazing UI? And on top of all that, how about integrating different payment methods to your app? In this talk, we will go over all the steps involved in configuring your environment (Mac or Windows), developing/debugging/deploying with Cordova, using AngularJS and providing payments to your users. All at once!

Demian Borba

Developer Advocate at Braintree/PayPal focused on Web and UX, Surfer, Design Thinker and Father.

With more than 15 years of experience with technology, interactive media, design, business and training, Demian is an Adobe Community Professional and former instructor at UC San Diego, where he taught Design and Programming classes. Before joining Braintree/PayPal, Demian worked at BlackBerry as a Developer Evangelist, traveling the world engaging with developers and startups. He also ran Action Creations, an interactive agency based in San Diego with clients including Oakley, 20th Century Fox, World Tour of Surfing, Nike, Callaway Golf and more. He won one of the biggest and most important developer contests in the world, the AT&T® Mobile App Hackathon, at CES in Las Vegas. More recently, Demian has created 2 training programs: Phonegap Bootcamp and Angular Bootcamp, delivered to hundreds of developers so far.