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Componentize your app with Polymer Elements by Rob Dodson

Tuesday 1:30 PM to 2:25 PM   Download Materials

Building components that can stand the test of time is tough! Frameworks change, new fads emerge, and often we're left with an aging codebase that needs to be rewritten if we want to stay current. Polymer and Web Components aim to change this cycle by building on new platform primitives which will allow us to finally create interoperable components that work in an environment. In this session we'll look at the current Web Component ecosystem, and I'll show you how to start to integrate these tools into your projects.

Rob Dodson

Developer Advocate at Google working with the Polymer and Chrome teams - San Francisco, CA

Rob Dodson is a developer advocate at Google where he focuses on Polymer and Web Components. In previous roles he’s helped craft design systems for massive enterprise companies, user interfaces for console titles, and even built the occasional enchanted princess game. These days his mission is to fight for a better web and to help developers build great experiences.