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A Token Walks into a SPA… by Martin Gontovnikas

Tuesday 3:30 PM to 4:25 PM   Download Materials

Everybody has been creating Single Page Apps lately. They look neat and fast. Handling authentication in an SPA can be tricky though: Cookies, Tokens, keeping the user authenticated and handling rights to access URLs and resources are some of the things we need to take care of. In this talk, we’ll learn how to add authentication to an AngularJS app with a live coding session in which we’ll go from a regular SPA to a fully secured one .

Martin Gontovnikas

Developer Advocate at Auth0. JS Lover. Creator of Restangular, angular-jwt and other OSS projects.

Martin Gontovnikas (a.k.a. Gonto) has been a tech nerd since he was 12 years old. Now, he's a web developer, trainer, speaker and writer. He currently works as a Developer Advocate at Auth0. He's a big advocate and contributor for Open Source software. He has built Restangular, angularytics, factory_pal, angular-jwt and many more! He (not so) frequently blogs at and has spoken at JSConf, ngConf and dotJS among others.